Marathon Guru's 10km Advanced Training Program (Static PDF)


This program is designed for the serious runner who does runs regularly and is keen to add a lot more variety to their training and take it to the next level.

The training will consist of 1 x long run, 1 x medium run, 3 x sessions, 2 x easy runs and only 1 x rest day every 10 - 11 days.
The emphasis is on a very structured half marathon that will allow you to train as an elite athlete would but at your level and ability.

Training is based around your goal time and each week you will see how you are progressing towards that goal. This programme is not recommended for those runners who have run occasionally or those that have a very hectic lifestyle.





The PDF includes:
  • *10 Week Training Program
  • *Pace Charts for All training sessions
  • *Tips for pre and post training session
The complete package Includes
  • *Access to the resource center
  • *Access to Printing Program
    *Discount to Polar products
    *The Long Road Newsletter
    *(1 month) Guru Gold Membership


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