Michelle Lukkarinen aiming for Helsinki Marathon



What is your age? 33


What is your job? Operations Manager for a telco.

What do you do for fun? Eating good food and trying new restaurants, live music, travel and exercise.

When did you start running? 4 years ago.

What time are you aiming for with your next event? Will this be your personal best or your debut at the distance? This will be my first Full Marathon - aiming for under 4 hours.


Why do you run? Many reasons - to relax and de-stress, to push myself to achieve new goals, for the extra energy, to keep fit - and because race days are fun! I've run 4x Half Marathons and 4 times in the City2Surf, as well as other smaller runs - so this is an exciting new challenge.

What is favorite training session? I love the long runs - it's satisfying achieving a new distance each Sunday and discovering new parts of the city I haven't seen before.


Do you have long-term goal in running? If yes, maybe, you’d like to share? I'd love to do the Helsinki Marathon in August 2012 - as my family is from Finland. I'm also thinking about trying a triathlon, a 100km event or an adventure race.


What do you think of Marathon Guru? It's fantastic - it's helped to keep me on track with my training, it has variety, and it's been great to see my progress during the program!

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