Mark Northcott on a mission..



The photo attached is of me finishing a 16km race earlier this year. I missed out qualifying for the Red group in last years City2Surf by 4 minutes, so ran this 16km in an attempt to qualify for the front of the pack. Got the time I wanted, and I'll be starting with a Red bib this year.
What is your age? - 36

What is your job? - Swimming Pool maintenance technician

What do you do for fun? - Currently? Just running. I also am a keen cyclist, and once the Marathon is complete, I will be looking forward to spending some more time on my bike.

When did you start running? - Last year

What time are you aiming for with your next event? Will this be your personal best or your debut at the distance? - This is my Marathon debut, and I'm aiming for 4 hours

Why do you run? - In 2006, after 6 months of struggling with illness and Doctors, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It took until 2010 for me took recover fully, and to celebrate I decided to enter the City2Surf, as something to tick off my list. It was never really about running at that point, it was simply to say that I had done it. I enjoyed it so much, that the following month I ran the Blackmores Half-marathon in 1:54. A time I was very proud of. A year later here I am aiming to complete a full Marathon.

What is favorite training session? - The long run on Sundays. As the distances have got significantly longer, I have been getting up earlier as I need to have completed the run by 8am as I work on Sundays. After the initial shock of an early alarm call, I really enjoy getting out while it's still dark. Watching the sunrise on a clear and cold Sunday morning is a great start to my day.

Do you have long-term goal in running? If yes, maybe, you’d like to share? - To complete more Marathons. I'm already looking at dates for Marathons in 2012.

What do you think of Marathon Guru? - Marathon Guru has been a great training aid. I find it really boosts my motivation, especially to complete a long run and shave a few more minutes off my predicted time. We shall see if I can get close to the time predicted.

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